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2011-04-29 06:51:33 by MissingUsername

I am a Brony. I love Ponies. Always have, always will.


2011-03-26 01:05:49 by MissingUsername

I only regret not finding this sooner:

Things I've been doing:

2011-03-23 04:46:21 by MissingUsername

Trying to get 100% Completion on Katawa Shoujo.

Figuring out ways to self-induce Heterochromia.

Playing a lot of Cortex Command.

Playing much less Minecraft.

Figuring out how to properly use this new Tablet I got.

Playing Pokemon again.


Brushing up on a few good webcomics I've somehow missed.


Your mom.

I've also started playing KOTOR again.

Back, Bitches

2011-03-11 11:48:39 by MissingUsername

And it feels good.

Back, Bitches


2010-12-22 13:28:32 by MissingUsername

Yes. I'm leaving newgrounds.

EDIT: Look, I'm sorry. I haven't been explaining things at all. You see, the internet has taken control of my life. My Grades are dropping and I'm ignoring my family. So, for the next three months, I'm going to try and fix my life. Also, I'm done with Madness. I'm very done with it. I've spent far too long practicing animating sprites.


2010-12-17 09:01:16 by MissingUsername

Billy Mays here, and I want to introduce you to the YO YO YOTO YO YO YOTO YO YO INTERACTIVE TOILET ENTERTAINMENT!

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lol bored

2010-12-01 09:29:14 by MissingUsername

I'm so fucking bored.

lol bored


2010-11-13 04:12:25 by MissingUsername

Leaving Newgrounds for awhile, etc, etc.

Be back whenever, etc



EDIT: This is why I'm leaving newgrounds for awhile:

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That's right. All of you. Except you baby, you know who you are.


Guy Fawkes day today. Anons, break out your masks and parade the streets. You have years worth of shit and gayness to redeem.

Anyway, Zunder, I have only 1 collab part ready for you (it was supposed to be for ZaracaM's long dead collab), ask me for it if you want it. I haven't opened flash in weeks due to laziness and Minecraft, so that might be the only part I can give you.

Laptop's been slow as fuck so I can't do shit without it freezing. Soooo, that's all I have to say and I might /b/e posting some tests if I can bust my lazy ass out and make something.

Remember, Remember the 5th of November


2010-10-09 08:02:40 by MissingUsername


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I'll see you all later.

Alright, I'm open to questions, this is just a filler post, anyway.

Also, big thanks to Clatform for teaching me the fall of the enemies :D! (I'm saying this against my will)

I'm starting to like Kai Sprites more.

Bat Test
MP5 Test
Gay TAC-50 Test
Gay Sword Test
Man, I dont even try anymore. Here, have a gay ass piece o' shit that I made when I was high.