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None of this made sense. You did not explain to the viewers who this "CrisysFT" is nor did you spend a single minute putting any actual effort into this. Fuck, you even black out the screen to hide the fact that you can't do anything other than make jerky movements of what I assume are hand sprites that you made yourself.
I suggest that you work on easing and drawing if you wish to continue animating unoriginal Madness flashes.

I'll still give you one point for being able to pick a good song. At least it wasn't a shitty song you would find at the last page of the audio portal after typing the word "birthday song".

Amazing, as usual

I don't usually review flashes, but I felt the need to express my feelings towards this one. This is probably one of the best flashes on newgrounds, with it's amazing visuals, perfect voice acting (as one could expect from TomaMoto) and fluent scene transitions. The only thing I didn't like was the ending because it felt cartoonish and rushed. I give this a 9/10 and a 4/5 because this flash will definitely be remembered throughout the history of newgrounds.

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The collab had great parts, great music and great animators. But I give it an 8/10 because that MissingUsername guy sucks. His last part went WAY too fast.

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XXBlinx responds:

Looks like your not a fan of MissingUsername :P

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Thank You

I've been a moderator on this chat for almost 4 months and I can safely say that you have done Newgrounds good. This chat may have its bugs every now and then, but nothings perfect. You've given newgrounds users a new way to communicate (or start flamewars) with each other, and I thank you for it. Even though the chat itself is declining in popularity, I assure you I'll stay loyal to this chat (unlike OTHER mods) and moderate it whenever I have free time (which is all the time). Once again, thank you for providing Newgrounds with the one thing it has been missing since it was created.

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Amazing, as usual

Another amazing game from you guys. Everything was perfect, the visuals, the puzzles, the dialogue and voice actors. The ending though, not so much. Almost everyone's complaining on how almost nothing was explained throughout the game. The ending almost made it seem that it was rushed. Still, a 9/10 and a 4/5 for you guys. Hope you try making an Alice is Dead Ep4 as a prequel or something to explain what the hell was going on.

To the people complaining about it, the brain medal is, in fact, working. It is a 2-part medal, as stated in the author's comments. First, at the start of the game, use the coin found in the sewers to jam the keypad on the entrance of your hideout. DO NOT USE THE BRICK. Then, click the wires and then the padlock. Second, use the mushroom you bought to kill the guards by the nightclub. As soon as you put it in the drink, you get the medal.

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Sir, I have been playing this on your website for at least 4 months. I'm so glad you decided to place this masterpiece on Newgrounds. I love the endless amount of difficulty and the funny deaths. Please add the full game soon, I'm sure others agree with me that this awesome game should be at it's fullest to add to the enjoyment of others.

Totaljerkface responds:

I can't add the full version here. it works with the backend of my site

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I could Fap to this

I don't see why it doesn't have a much higher score, considering the fact that everything just flows so smoothly. It makes me feel happy every time I listen to it.

10/10 and a 5/5. If they incorporated a higher amount of stars you can give, I'd still give a perfect score.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

I'd say 4.28's pretty high!
I remember when it used to be in the 4.50's, but that's usually how always starts.
Just gets zero'd from there...

Thanks a bunch, I'm glad you enjoyed!


This is one of the best pieces of music I've heard on the audio portal. It's the kind that makes you forget all the stress and pains of life. A very calming and relaxing piece, it should get a score WAY over the max. Sadly, since Newgrounds hasn't implemented a rating system which goes over 10, a perfect 10/10 and a vote of 5/5 will have to do.

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The song feels like a song from the original Spyro the Dragon. Its great and and all the beats are in place. This is a work of art and its really easy to listen to. Everything goes smoothly, this song is Perfect. If it were allowed, I would have given this a score well over 10 and a vote well over 5.

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I love the concept, the coloring and shading are amazing as well. Although there are a few things frozen in the snow that I can't make out (particularly the things under tricky), it doesn't affect the overall greatness of this image. Your puns do need a little work, though.

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I just hope they don't find a fire flower anytime soon.


Two tens for the same picture. You sir/ma'am, win 2000 internets.

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folf182 responds:

Thanks man! Anything to get those damn kids off my lawn... And interwebs.

Blurb? That's quite a vexing inquisition. I must contemplate on the nature of my answer to your given inquisition. Later.

n/a, Male

*fill in later*

I don't know, really


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